The Bonini Garage offers technical support directly authorised by Ferrari and is capable of performing any type of repair or servicing. For newer cars, it carries out servicing, interventions under warranty and ordinary maintenance. The equipment used by the Bonini Garage is constantly being updated with the latest electronic diagnostic equipment and the technical staff attends training courses organised by Ferrari for its authorised centres. The Bonini Garage also restores classic and vintage Ferrari models(see the section on restoration).


In 2008, the Bonini Garage obtained a new building of 360 m2 designed specifically for garaging the cars of customers who require this service, taking care of their regular maintenance and overall efficiency.
The garaging service is very popular and in demand, especially by foreign customers and has made our Ferrari Service one of the most well equipped service centres and Ferrari Dealers in Italy.

Revisioni motori e cambi

The Bonini Garage is capable of working on any type of engine or gearbox, and performs any kind of revision or modification depending on each customer’s requirements.
The repairs are performed on the mechanics of newly released cars and on vintage mechanics, rebuilding, where necessary, spare parts which are no longer available on the market.



Vintage cars are a unique asset that Ferrari guarantees, through the “Ferrari Classiche” institution, by issuing a certificate that officially attests to the authenticity of the car with the advantage of providing added value and becoming a qualifying guarantee in the event that the car is sold.
During the certification process, the car undergoes a thorough examination to ensure that it is fully functional and that the chassis, engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, body and interiors are original, or conform to the originals. The complete historical documentation owned by the company allows a special committee of experts (COCER - Certification Committee) to evaluate the technical characteristics of each car. The technical examination is therefore a key element in the certification process; the Bonini Garage is capable of managing the procedures for obtaining this certificate of authenticity from the “Ferrari Classiche” institution. This document is issued to cars in perfect condition or brought back to their original condition.
If these characteristics are missing, the Bonini Garage is able to intervene by restoring the car to its original condition.

Servizio di recupero e consegna vetture
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Upon request, the Bonini Garage also provides customers with a pick-up and delivery service using qualified collaborators and roll-off tow trucks.