Since the first years of business, vintage cars have been a significant part of the Bonini Garage.
It is capable of restoring any type of vintage Ferrari from cars dating back to the 1950s through to competition cars, up to the Ferraris of today, performing high quality restorations in complete respect of the original materials and components.
The Bonini Garage occupies itself with:

the complete or partial restoration of mechanical parts, restoring a car to its original conditions, where necessary, and when it has undergone unauthorised repairs over the years.
reconstruction of missing parts no longer available on the market, by design or sample.
management of the restoration of the body, chassis, upholstery and various accessories using the best specialists from Modena and the surrounding areas.

Over the years the garage has gained national and international customers whom they strive to fully satisfy through the special care and passion they dedicate to these fascinating cars, a passion that has allowed them to obtain various awards and to win important competitions. During restoration of the car, a photographic documentation is taken which is then given to the customer upon delivery.
Above some of the many restorations made in recent years: